Class of 1978
Bryan High School Class 1978
Bryan High School Class 1978


Welcome to the Bryan High Class of '78 Thirty AND Forty Year Reunion Website. 

The 30 year reunion was held on the weekend of July of 2008.  The date for the 40 year reunion has NOT been set yet.  It will be sometime in 2018.  

Due to the generosity of a couple of our classmates (you know who you are!), this website has been been kept available.

The "Photo Album" tab contains five albums -- "Way Back then", "2008" and "30 Year Reunion - Friday", "30 Year Reunion - Saturday", and "Now".  Please feel free to post your pictures in either the "Way Back Then" or "Now" albums, but be considerate of others when doing so.

If you are new to the website and consider yourself to be a '78 classmate, please fill out information about you and your life, download pictures and tell us about yourselves on the "Classmates Info" tab.  Alternatively, if you are already listed, PLEASE UPDATE YOUR INFO in the "Classmates Info" tab.  You can see the most recent changes to the "Classmates Info" tab if you change the "Sorted by" menu at the top of that window to "latest edit" instead of "last name".  

Please start sharing this website with other classmates.

Come back often to see who's been here and what's new!
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